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  • Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

  • Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

  • Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

  • Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

Oil Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

Oil resistant conveyor belt is suitable for transporting oily materials, such as cereal, grains, corn, fish, meat, soybean cake, or used in environment exposed to working oil.

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt Description

The delivered oil resistant conveyor belt solution solves the problems related to oil and grease and provides appropriate barriers. In order to provide the best performance, we make the conveyor belt composed of parts painted with the best color and treated with heavy oil.

Oil resistant conveyor belt is suitable for transporting oily materials, such as cereal, grains, corn, fish, meat, soybean cake , or used in an environment exposed to working oil and other oily substances containing non organic substances and fuels.

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Baoxiang oil resistant conveyor belt

When oil penetrates the rubber, it expands and deforms it. This can cause serious tracking and steering problems, premature wear, and ultimately lead to complete belt failure. Oil resistant conveyor belts The oils, fats and greases that have these damaging effects can be divided into two different sources: minerals and plant/animals.

Despite their different characteristics, most manufacturers of oil resistant conveyor belts only produce high quality compounds for oil resistant rubber coatings.

As a leading manufacturer of oil resistant conveyor belts in China, we have designed and manufactured different special compounds to provide the best protection against different types of oils and many other potentially destructive chemicals.

Our oil proof conveyor belts are designed to resist the penetration and destruction of animal and vegetable oils, fats and resins. The difference is that they also have amazing abrasion resistance. The average resistance tested was 98 mm. Longer, so more economical.

Some plant products can have an extremely serious impact on rubber conveyor belts. For these situations, as well as those involving high-concentration vegetable oil products, our conveyor belt researchers have developed a successful coverage quality. Next, use the quality of coverage levels to provide excellent returns. We also infer from the recommendation that the excellent abrasion resistance (tested average 100mm3) provides economy.

Cold and oil resistant

Although oil resistant belts generally have lower cold resistance, our oil resistant belts are designed to operate at temperatures as low as -20°C.

Oil and fire resistant

BVM K/S oil resistance (ROM) and limit, in line with EN 12882 2A (K) and 2B (S) grades.

BV VT oil resistant (ROM) and extreme oils, up to EN 12882 5A level)

BV GT oil (ROS), fireproof and fireproof.

Since these conveyor belts are made of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, they may encounter surprisingly damaging effects during transportation, such as oil stains or processed materials.

We specialize in manufacturing the highest/grade and highly wear-resistant, oil and grease resistant conveyor belts. If you have any questions about the choice of conveyor, or want to know any information about our products, please contact us!

Our Oil resistant conveyor belt solution is specially designed to meet customer needs.

Our Oil resistant conveyor belt can resist hot oil reaction combination. Some options in these areas include: production workshop. Hot mixing equipment. Heat and oil resistance up to 180 degrees Celsius.

In addition, these also provide excellent resistance to petroleum and mineral oils, the amount of acids and chemicals, puffs and cakes, mutations, mildew and rot.

Physical properties of oil resistant fabric conveyor belt rubber sleeve Chinese manufacturer.

Physical properties of rubber cover

Type Tensile Strength/ MPa Breaking elongation/ % Abrasion loss/ mm3
LO ≥14.0 ≥350 ≤200
DO ≥16.0 ≥350 ≤160
Note:LO used in general oily working conditions.DO used in high abrasion & oily working conditions.

After aging properties of rubber conveyor belt(70℃×168h):

Oil resistant conveyor belt Change rate of tensile strength and breaking elongation are both not more than 25% of before aging values.

Oil resistant properties of rubber belt

Serial number Test conditions of soak liquid Volume change rate/% ≤
Oil number in GB/T1690 Soak temperature/℃ Soak time/h LO DO
1 #2 oil 70±2 70+0/-1 +20 -5
2 #3 oil 70±2 70+0/-1 +50 +5
3 #3 oil 100±2 22±0.25 +50 +5
Note:You only need to choose one of the above three methods.

About oil resistant conveyor belt

We all know that ordinary conveyor belts have poor tolerance to various oils and organic solvents. When transporting oily materials, due to the swelling and erosion of the adhesive by the oily materials, the volume of the gel increases, the structure is loose, and the physical and mechanical properties are reduced, thereby shortening the service life of the conveyor belt.

In order to make oil resistant conveyor belts, we uniformly use cotton canvas, nylon canvas, and polyester canvas, which are refined by rolling, forming, vulcanizing and other processes. This conveyor belt obviously has very good oil resistance, and is suitable for conveying oily materials, as well as oily and chemical solvents. It is also suitable for coating layered fertilizer products, petroleum coke processing in oil refineries, water recycling and composting, soybeans and Food processing facilities, hot asphalt/hot mixing equipment, metal turning.

Features of oil resistant conveyor belt

1. Coating rubber adopts nitrile rubber with excellent oil resistance.

2. Reinforcement materials can be selected according to different needs of customers.

3. When transporting oily or processed materials, it has amazing.

4. Resistance to damage.

5. High tensile strength.

6. Also has a high degree of chemical resistance.

7. Unique properties to prevent the introduction of materials.

8. Provide different levels of customer use requirements, according to the characteristics of the covering, it can be divided into two types: wear resistant type and ordinary type.

9. Eliminate the occurrence of belt tempering.

10. Specially designed for conveying oily materials, with oil resistance + heat resistance + fire resistance, extending the service life of the conveyor belt.

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt Applications

Oil resistant conveyor belts are widely used: concrete plants, recycling and mineral processing plants, garbage sorting and composting machines, metal industry, recycling, wood industry, wood sawmills, sewage and sewage transportation, corn, rape and soil transportation, infiltration, paper industry .

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