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Lightweight Conveyor Belt

The Lightweight Conveyor Belt is made of specially treated polyester yarn braided fabric as the bearing frame, with one or two sides coated with rubber or PVC, PU, PE as the carrying surface or the driving surface. The light weight conveyor belt has the characteristics of high strength, small extension, good bending flexibility, wide working temperature, stable operation and long service life.

Product Description

The light weight conveyor belt uses specially treated polyester yarn woven fabric as the carrier, and one or both sides are coated with rubber or PVC, PU, PE as the bearing surface or driving surface. Lightweight conveyor belt has the characteristics of high strength, small elongation, good bending flexibility, wide operating temperature, stable operation and long service life.

Light weight conveyor belt to serve distinct material conveying purposes.Our lightweight conveyor belt is absolutely durable and can help you achieve your goals for a long period of time without any type of failure.If you are interested, click here to get our most authentic factory quotation!

These lightweight conveyor belts consist of durable and sustainable conveyor belts that can withstand heavy use and are equipped with expandable and adjustable loop conveyor belts. You can get these incredible products from light conveyor belt suppliers and wholesalers to attract prices and impeccable deals.

Process for producing Light weight Conveyor Belt

The light weight conveyor belt is made of sturdy material. We have provided products with higher durability for many years, and can resist various impacts, loads, abrasion, etc. The light weight conveyor belt is very suitable for high-speed performance, and the two directions help to organize products at the same time. The environmental protection technology used in the production of the light weight conveyor belt and the advanced mechanism for reducing noise.

Features Include

Belt surface with high grip properties,Excellent abrasion resistance,Soft, yet durable coating

Non-marking to the items being conveyed,Because the coating is made of urethane, we can heat-weld this product to the base belt and help you sidestep the higher production coast of chemical bonding.

Light weight Conveyor Belt Usage Scenarios

Package Handling

Express delivery, logistics, recycling, cars, airports and others, save a lot of manpower and improve efficiency. Paper Roll Transferring, Folder/Gluing, Stacking, Sheeters, Tube Winding, Vacuum Belts, Cooling Tunnels, Bulk Material Handling, Luggage Belts, Transmission Belts, Lumber/Plywood, Slider/Roller Bed.

Light weight Conveyor Belt color selection

We specialize in the production of black Light weight Conveyor Belt, if you have special requirements, you can customize other colors such as:White, Blue, Green, Tan

Light weight Conveyor Belt material

Nitrile Oil Proof, Polyurethane, PVC, Teflon, Silicone, Low / High Temperature, Butyl, RMV (Rubber Modified Vinyl)

light weight conveyor belts cover styles

Smooth, Matte Finish, Longitudinally Grooved, Pebbletop, Inverted Pyramid, Roughtop, Crescent Top, Chevron Top

light weight conveyor belts Carcasses

Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, Spun Polyester, Polyester Monofilament, Polyester

Why choose baoxiang light conveyor belt?

Rubber conveyor belt manufacturers sell lightweight conveyor belts that meet the quality and reliability requirements of global companies. Our lightweight conveyor belts have various tensions, fabrics and covering compounds such as non-woven fabrics, rubber, solid plastics and thermoplastics.

Manufacturers of rubber conveyor belts provide a variety of thermoplastic belts to meet various material handling needs in the printing and paper processing industries, including paper roll transfer, paper presses, folders and stackers.

Take a closer look at our in-depth inventory of durable, high-performance lightweight conveyor belts, and if you need more product information, be sure to let us know. We are also happy to discuss your custom manufacturing requirements.

Contact the rubber conveyor belt manufacturer immediately to discuss the needs of your application for light to medium conveyor belts. We provide a full range of conveyor belts and conveyor belts.

Light weight conveyor belt and custom manufacturing

Rubber conveyor belt manufacturers continue to add new products and expand our capabilities to help you manufacture the products you need. Our manufacturing demonstrates our ability to utilize new technology, modern equipment and cutting-edge technology. The excellent quality of this process is directly related to the rich experience and training of our belt manufacturer. We provide all standard manufacturing and strict belt design equipment to perform belt coverings that require competent tasks in challenging environments.

You can choose from multiple varieties. Lightweight conveyor belts that can be used in different shapes, sizes, colors, characteristics and material qualities according to your requirements. These lightweight conveyor belts are of different types, such as PVC belts, stainless steel belts, plastic bag friction feed belts, etc., etc. the strong. The light conveyor belt on site is heat resistant, fire resistant, and rust proof, and is equipped with a reliable brake when not in use.

Bao Xiang Production capacity

We can customize any of our belts according to your specifications. Our long list of manufacturing capabilities include vulcanization, perforation, V-rails, bucket installation, slitting, etc.

Lightweight conveyor belts are very suitable for processing food and beverages, paper, plastics, packaging items, medicines, etc. All our conveyor belts can be spliced using various techniques, such as staples, wire hooks, plastic rivets, spiral lace or endless splicing.

From light to heavy to special belts, rubber conveyor belt manufacturers have solutions. Our series of mechanical belt buckles and headless presses will also maximize your uptime.

Will solve your light to medium conveyor belt challenges from packaging processing to raw material processing applications, including special surfaces for packaging processing, grease and oil resistant belts, non-marking and electrostatic conductive belts.

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