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Pattern Conveyor Belt

The cleated conveyor belt is composed of two parts: baseband and patterned belt. Due to different conveying materials and different conveying inclinations, different patterns and heights are required.

Product Description

Product Description

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When conveying the material to a certain angle, the ordinary conveyor belt works normally. However, when the angle becomes too steep, the material may start to slip off. This is when you need the chevron conveyor belt. Also called V-shaped escort belts, they have a cleat surface to keep loose materials in place even at steep angles.

The chevron conveyor belt provided by Baoxiang is precisely designed and developed to provide the required space to save on steep slopes. In this case, these pattern conveyor belts are designed to provide enhanced bulk carrying capacity.

Chevron Conveyor Belt Pattern option

Commonly used pattern conveyor belt varieties such as chevron conveyor belt pattern, zigzag pattern, concave-convex pattern, figure-eight pattern, fishbone pattern, U-shaped pattern, cylindrical pattern, pitted pattern conveyor belt, etc., or according to user requirements design, suitable for less than 40 degrees of inclination of the powder, grain, and block material transport.

Chevron Conveyor Belt Features

Dip Angle 0-45° to prevent material sliding, improve conveying capacity

The chevron conveyor belt provided has been precisely designed and developed to provide the required space savings on steep slopes up to 40 degrees. In this case, these conveyor belts are designed to provide enhanced bulk load carrying capacity, with block sizes up to 150 mm.

With cleats integrated with the top cover rubber to prevent separation from the belt, their cleats can be V-shaped or U-shaped, with an open or closed structure, and the height of the cleats ranges from 5 mm to 32 mm . Designed to prevent load slippage or product rollback during transportation, chevron conveyor belt's cleats also help to achieve high abrasion resistance and elastic rubber compounds to achieve the required flexibility.

Chevron Conveyor Belt advantages

1- Although most commonly used in materials and construction, our chevron conveyor belt series is flexible enough to meet the needs of many different applications.

2- Follow the precision design standards to ensure that the belt runs smoothly on the traditional return idler, so there is no need to modify the conveyor.

3- Provide belt support, allowing smooth transition from traditional flat belt to chevron conveyor belt.

4- Can manufacture all coverage grades, including wear-resistant M24, HR, OR, FR.

5- Provides a white finish to help maintain better hygiene standards.

6- 100% anti-ozone and anti-ultraviolet

On the ground, ozone is a pollutant. It will increase the acidity of the carbon black surface and cause reactions within the rubber molecular structure. This can cause surface cracks and a significant decrease in the tensile strength of the rubber, and ultimately shorten the service life. chevron conveyor belt fully complies with EN/ISO 1431 standard ozone and UV resistance. This is another reason why belts provide a more cost-effective working life.

Chevron Conveyor Belt design features

When using a smooth conveyor belt, the maximum inclination angle of the conveyor belt is about 20° depending on the material. The use of a V-shaped herringbone seat belt can make the inclination angle reach 40°, which can generate more lift in a smaller space.

Production Chevron Conveyor Belt Materials

Cotton canvas, nylon canvas and terylene sail.

Chevron Conveyor Belt Material characteristics

Cotton canvas, nylon canvas and terylene sail

The cleat profile on our chevron conveyor belt is made of the same rubber as the cover, so it is as wear-resistant and durable as the belt itself.

There are two V-shaped height sizes to choose from-16 mm (low V-shaped) and 32 mm (high V-shaped). The 16 mm high profile is generally suitable for smaller agglomerate sizes and conveyor angles up to 20 to 25 degrees. For larger block sizes and steeper slopes, a 32 mm high V-shaped profile will provide the best results. The "super-strength" chevron conveyor belt can handle everything from light applications to the heaviest and toughest materials and the most challenging working environments.

Chevron Conveyor Belt Production width (optional)

300-1000mm, 3-10 layers

The standard profile width ranges from 300 mm to 1000 mm, depending on the profile type. The "Super Strength" chevron conveyor belt has RA (high abrasion resistance) and ROS (mineral oil resistance) qualities. Other coverage levels are available on request. All chevron conveyor belts have molded edges.

Chevron Conveyor Belt.jpg


Chevron conveyor belt characteristics

1- Excellent weather resistance and non-slip performance, not easy to crack and deform.

2- High wear resistance and high strength cleats.

3- Good flexibility and tear resistance.

4- One-piece vulcanized cleats and base belt to prevent cleats from falling off.

5- V-shaped conveyor belt can be designed with different rubber properties and carcass strength according to needs.

6- Even at steep angles, it can effectively keep loose material in place.

7- Adjustable design, suitable for all kinds of chevron conveyor belts, the inclination range is 16º-45º.

8- Excellent drainage characteristics.

9- Better non-slip rubber performance and abrasion resistance, prolong the service life

10- The one-piece vulcanized cover plate and splint rubber can prevent the splint of the chevron conveyor belt from falling off.

11- Excellent rubber physical properties, high adhesion and fatigue resistance

12- Used to meet the needs of large-angle and large-capacity transportation

13- Different plywood height and width can be provided according to application requirements

14- Various finish design specifications are available

Application of chevron conveyor belting


1- Farming: conveying sugar beets, grains, potatoes, fertilizers

2- Wood chips, coal and coke transportation

3- Sugar refinery, salt

4- Mobile crusher and screen milling machine

5- Quarry, sandpit

6- Cement plant

7- Lime factory

According to different loading materials and inclination angle. Proper splint height and herringbone type to prevent the loaded material from falling.

Chevron Conveyor Belt application field

Chevron conveyor belt is commonly used in port and transshipment business, wood industry, smelter, coal-fired power plant, agriculture, recycling industry, sand and gravel industry, road construction, crushing industry, bagged materials, steel shot and other fields.



According to different loading materials and inclination angles to transport bulk materials, select the appropriate herringbone type to prevent the load from falling.

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