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What To Do If The Annular Conveyor Belt Runs Out Of Alignment?

Aug. 30, 2021

Annular Conveyor Belt

Annular Conveyor Belt


The annular conveyor belts can deviate in use, resulting in unsuccessful work and reduced work efficiency. In this article, we focus on the causes of belt deflection and how to solve them.


Causes of deviation of annular conveyor belt

There are many factors that cause the annular conveyor belt to deviate. If the annular conveyor belt often deviates, the problem should arise from the integrity of the equipment condition, the flexibility of the swing of the deflection roller, the flexibility of the roller rotation, and the cleaning of the roller and the material on the surface of the roller. The parallelism of the head and tail wheels, the verticality of the counterweight bracket, the parallelism of the counterweight roller, and the position and angle of the falling material should be checked.



For the annular conveyor belt that often runs out of alignment, methods such as adding centering rollers (to support the weight of the conveyor belt and material) or installing side rollers on the centering rollers can be adopted. Or raise and tilt forward the ends of the two rollers (supporting the weight of the conveyor belt and material) in front of the tail wheel alternately to help center the belt. annular conveyor belt at high altitude in the open air can be installed with a machine cover on the conveyor.


Tip: Annular Conveyor Belt Features

The annular conveyor belt core is made of excellent cotton or cotton interlaced canvas, usually 2 layers or nylon canvas (or polyester canvas) as the strongest layer. The strength of annular conveyor belt core joints can reach 90% of the strength of the tape body, and there are no obvious joint defects on the tape surface. Therefore, the annular conveyor belt is balanced for transportation and has low elongation. It is a precise statement of the name and substance of the detailed material. The particle size, temperature, whether it has acid, alkali and other corrosive and special requirements. The operating temperature of heat-resistant conveyor belts, for example, should be clarified. Request specifications (width, length, number of layers, thickness, etc.), especially the operating temperature of the heat-resistant conveyor belt and the size of the transport capacity.

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