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XLB-3000*10000*1/25.00MN Double plate vulcanizer

Main Technical Parameters

1. Nominal clamping force: 25.00MN

2. Hot plate specification:

3. Plate unit pressure: 27.7kg/cm2

4. Hot plate spacing: 1800mm

5. Diameter of plunger: ¢600mm heat resisting cast iron

6. Plunger stoke: 1500mm

7. Number of hydraulic cylinders: 6 sets/set nodular cast iron

8. Number of working floors: 1

9. Working fluid pressure: 16.0Mpa

10. Structural type: frame type

11. Heating mode: electric heating or steam heating

12. Control mode: relay automatic control

13. Structural type: the thickness of 4 sheets of frame type is 90mm

14. Main machine size: L4080*W4940*H3000

15. Weight: 84 ton

Plate vulcanizing machine is suitable for vulcanizing all kinds of rubber products. It is the advanced hot pressing equipment for pressing all kinds of thermosetting plastics

It is divided into electric heating, steam heating and oil heating three forms

The machine is of frame structure and the pressing form is downward (upward).The plunger rises under the action of working liquid pressure to make the hot plate close to get pressure, the plunger falls (that is, the hot plate opens) by the dead weight of the hot plate platform and the plunger, and drives the working liquid to flow back to the oil storage tank to achieve the purpose of falling (that is, opening)

Product operation rules:

The cylinder of this machine is made of ductile iron, which improves the pressure strength and wear resistance of the cylinder.A seal ring made of oil-resistant rubber is placed in the oil cylinder to seal the machine during operation.The combined oil pump is the power source of this machine, which supplies working fluid with certain pressure.The working fluid enters the cylinder through the control valve, then the control handle on the control valve is moved to different positions, and the plunger can rise or fall.

Mainly used for vulcanized parallel rubber belt, such as conveyor belt, transmission belt and pressed rubber products, foam plastics, thermosetting plastics (bakelwood) and other plastic products.

XLB-3000*10000*1/25.00MN Double plate vulcanizer

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